I need opinions..

Here’s a scenario:

Say you & the father of your children (not married) are so back & forth arguing, moving in and out, whatever. When you guys are together, he is a wonderful father. Plays with the kids, buys them whatever, whatever you want to define as the perfect father. BUT when you guys are broken up/apart, he doesn’t ask to see the kids & when he does, it always falls through bc you two end up arguing.. he doesn’t give you money to help out with the kids bc if YOU, and so forth. Would you still consider him this great father?!

Bc I sure as hell don’t & my ex thinks he’s this wonderful father bc he cares so much about their future, yet doesn’t see them and refuses to help me out with anything. He claims that seeing them every other week or weekend would do nothing for their future if “only one parent cares” aka him.