Please don’t pass this post

Kyle Leigh • Gabriel Alexis due February 11th 2019 💙👪

I hit 12 weeks today ☺️

I think I keep losing weight. But I don’t I want to be...I am small to begin with.

I was 133 when i found out I was pregnant. I went for my 10 week appointment I was 128 and my doctor told me it wasn’t concerning in the first trimester but to find things I like to eat and eat them often.

I felt like I was doing better but i weighed myself this morning in uniform and it said 133 (army uniform weighs 7 pounds subtract that) and I get 126.

Does anyone have some advice please? Sometimes i just really don’t feel like eating.

I should start gaining like a pound a week in the second trimester...which is in a week, right?