Freaking out. Need to vent!


We have decided to sell our house to move across the street from my parents. I grew up across from my grandparents and it was an amazing opportunity we couldn’t pass up. But now I’m 40 days from my due date, haven’t gotten our house on the market yet since our realtor wanted it completely moved out of. So now we’re staying with my parents in a small room with our two dogs, while our house gets put up. Can’t buy the new house without selling our current house. The next house we’re buying needs remodeling before we can move in. So we will probably be here a couple months after I give birth. I’m literally freaking out, why in the world would we do this with our first baby! I want to go back in time 😶 even though selling our house will make us a huge profit to get rid of all our debt and put a huge chunk as a down payment. Uh. Stressful! And hubby seems to not care about anything and seems pissed off at everything I ask of him. 😢😩 thanks guys for letting me vent. I feel like I have no one to talk to.