Boyfriend mannerisms with my girl friends


When I hang out with my friends (which are mostly girls) it bothers me that my boyfriend is kinda touchy. I’m touchy w my girl friends and he would somewhat do the same like he would poke someone’s thigh or like squeeze it and he was playing with my other friends hair and one of them is super small and he randomly carried her (not in a bridal style but like just under her pits bc she’s SUPER light) but I do the same I carry her like that too but like when he did it, it bothers me. Am I being just super jealous or maybe he shouldn’t even be doing that in the first place. I mean how IF I do that with his guy friends bet it would bother him too! I don’t know I feel like there should be boundaries. I thirdwheel a lot and none of my friends boyfriends ever touched me and it makes sense