Emergency c section!! 😭😭 birth story


I thought it was my turn to talk about my experience. It was so horrible and painful. On Thursday I came in and started cervicstil. Friday morning they put me on patocin. I was having contractions but I couldn’t feel them. My patocin level was at 20, and the nurse said I should have been speechless but it didn’t work. I didn’t feel anything. So they took me off that and started again Saturday morning but were more aggressive with how fast they increased it. By 2, I was having contractions but still couldn’t feel them so they decided to insert a balloon into my cervix to dilate me to 4. I️ was on patocin with the ballon and could feel my contractions The doctor wanted to come back and break my water at 3am so I decided to get an epidural before he broke it because the contractions were gonna be crazy. I got the epidural right when the doctor came in to break my water. He broke my water and I felt everything, so the epidural wasn’t working at all. So the epidural guy came back in and gave me some really hard stuff and I finally stopped feeling the contractions. By 8am I was dilated to 5. By 10am I was dilated to 6 then out of nowhere the nurse came in and asked me if I was wearing earrings. Then she said the baby’s heartbeat kept dropping to 70 and next thing I know there’s a ton of people in my room telling me I️m getting ready to have a c section. Less than a half hour later I was in the operating room. They started to cut and take him out but on my left side I could feel it but I didn’t know what to say to the doctors cause I didn’t know what I should be feeling and I could feel my back on the left side hurting really bad. But she started pushing on my stomach and popped him out. He started crying right away. The anesthesiologist put me out right after that cause I couldn’t handle the pain. I was in the recovery room but they told me he was healthy and they think his heartbeat went down because they had been trying for three days and she thought he was too big to come out naturally. He ended up being 8lbs 13oz, 21in long and 14in around his head. Probably the scariest thing ever was bringing me back for the c section but now that he’s here I️m so happy now. Born July 29 at 11:48am. And doctor was right when it comes to guessing mothers tend to guess the baby weight better. I guessed 9 pounds Doctor guessed 7.6 pounds