bv or chlamydia

so i know this sounds bad, but i still have sex with my ex (unprotected) and this guy i have known for a while we have done stuff in the past , i HAD sex with to (unprotected) that night i just went to bed i was just sooo tired , so the next morning i wake up and it’s like a foul smell, no fishy but like idek. so i took a shower and called it a day the next day it was the same so i went to get queen v “easer” things the you insert and like it takes care of any bad bacteria and yeast , that cleared it up but then it came back like now -and i haven’t had sex with either!! soo here’s where it get crazy i texted the guy with the gf and ask him if he was all good and didn’t have anything because i want to be safe ! and he responds “i don’t sleep around with ppl , it was just you and my gf , i have been tested before and i have been clean , you’re safe i promise i wouldn’t do that to you or her”* in man voice*

i’m thinking ....

1. if i have chlamydia from him ,his gf has to be having symptoms right or a smell?? and my ex (we took each other’s virginity and we both are open and tell each other everything, he had had sex with 1 girl but he was her first so she doesn’t have an std )

2. i looked up when does chlamydia usually show up if THEY shows up and it said a week after unprotected sex and my “symptoms” showed up the next morning.

3. i’m not having any weird itching or like crazy discharge ,it’s all normal like it usually is with just the foul smell ! it doesn’t hurt to pee or anything and i’m completely fine it’s just a smell down there :(

i hope someone can explain this bs to me because i’m very confused , i just started talking to this guy and i’m really feeling him but like he when we kiss he try’s to finger me and i push his hands away even though i really want it i’m just scared he’s gonna smell it and be like wtf , to a guy the smell would stink sooo bad you know , i just need help

we are all 18 and up lol so help a sister out !!