Could this be implantation bleeding!


Sorry if I sound clueless but I’m new to checking DPO and all that stuff so I have some questions. I thought I was supposed to start today but come to find out it was supposed to yesterday. I haven’t had a child in 23 years. My son is my only child, I’ve had multiple miscarriages as well as an ectopic pregnancy. So here’s my chart.

Then I go to the restroom, which I usually go like every 2-3 hours but today it was like 5 or more since I had gone and I wipe and this is all that comes out.

I had my annual on Monday and my ob/gyn ordered an ultrasound but didn’t say why. I cancelled it because they require a copayment of $200. I have been having some lower right quadrant pains. Haven’t had that in a while but I have also had an ectopic on that side. So just by seeing this, do you think I should test or wait?

**UPDATE** took a test at 8:51 PM and at 9:02 PM it said negative so I guess I’ll wait to see if AF comes.