What’s going on??


My boyfriend and I have been together for about 8 months now and lately he’s become very mean and short fused. For some reason we fight more than we should and we both noticed that. He blames it on me and when I become conscious of myself and I steer away from arguments it ends up with him getting angry with me. Lately it seems as if he hasn’t been putting in much effort. I mean, before this all started I was all over him and he was all over me. Just lately since he’s being pressed to get a job, it’s like he’s taking everything out on me and we talked about it and he said he would stop. He says some really hurtful stuff too and it’s like, where did the sweet guy I used to know go? Its causing me to leave. I get scared to talk on the phone with him because that’s when we usually fight. I feel as if I’m starting to lose feelings for him now and I’m confused. I feel like this is all my fault but I know it isn’t. I feel horrible because other guys will text me and I’ll say I have a boyfriend obviously but it’s not how it was before. I only had eyes for him and now that he’s basically pushing me away, I’m starting to wander off. I don’t want to but that’s what’s happening. He says he’s not losing feelings but I’m not sure why he’s being so mean then and why he’s pushing me away. He is all sweet and then the smallest thing will piss him off and I end up feeling horrible like I’m the bad guy. I just feel like he’s blaming me for this but it’s not my fault. I don’t want to tell him all of it in case it hurts his feelings (especially about the other guys), but I’m not sure what to do. He does talk about our future and he says he only wants me but I’m not sure if I still feel the same with how he’s treating me. I love him so much but the fact he’s become a jerk and hasn’t been treating me the same as he did is causing me to become uninterested. I’ve been trying to “fix us” and i feel like I’m starting to give up. He says I’m the problem but I’ve tried so hard to change for him and I feel like nothing is working anymore. What should I do?