Relationship advice..


So me and my BF have been together for 2 years and 8 months but everything was good the first year but about 6 months ago I felt like down and didn’t feel the spark. I stopped wanting to kiss him stop wanting to hold his hand. Stuff like that and talked to him and he said we would work things but I feel like this AGAIN. And it’s gotten worse. Like I feel that sometimes I see him more as a best friend figure versus an actual romantic relationship. Anyone or there had the same issues? Should I be patient and see if things workout?

We also never used to argue but recently his family had just been getting on my nerves. He’s a HUGE mommy’s boy. But his mom low key does things to make me feel out of the picture if that makes sense. And he never defends me nor sticks up for me. His sisters as well. And his response is that we’re not married and they didn’t do that intentionally. You’re just sensitive. Plus we’re only girlfriend and boyfriend you know and they’re my family. But a ring on my finger and a paper isn’t going to change of how they feel. Personally I would just much rather stay away from them. ( luckily they live 3 hours from where we live. ) and recently he’s been pissed at me because I make no effort to go visit them with him but I know once I go it’ll just get worse like the past times.

Any advice?