Is this a cry for help?

Long story short, my SO and I had a stupid argument about buying cars (difference of opinion) which escalated significantly. He called me names - delusional, psychotic etc. repeatedly told me “what’s wrong with you” and also “why are you so sure of yourself”. Anyway, fight the fizzled out. I acknowledged my wrong but I felt like he didn’t apologise for his part in the argument.

Next morning I message him saying it might not be the best idea for me to visit him this weekend (LDR) since he has assignments due. Didn’t want to bring up that I felt a bit hurt he didn’t apologise for saying awful things to me the night before, maybe some space would help. Anyway, he didn’t take my possibly not coming to see him well, and the lack of apology was brought up, things mildly escalated again..

Then he sends me..

And now I don’t know what to do. Is this a cry for help? Should I go see him? Should I give him space? Can someone please help me.

(And please don’t just suggest we break up - trying to work on arguing more healthily and would appreciate some constructive comments 🙏🏼)