I’ve got a question for anyone that has cats! I just got my kitten two days ago, she’s two months old. We are in the middle of moving our bedroom down into the basement where the rest of our things are as it’s a finished basement, is it okay to leave her down there by herself for the night? She has her water and food and her bed and I left the tv on for her because the woman at the adoption centre said it helps animals not to feel so alone. I slept down there with her yesterday on the couch but I’m 26 weeks pregnant and the couch killed my back lol, she’s not gonna be alone for long because within the next week our bed will be done there. I’m just super worried about leaving her alone for the night. Will she be alright? If I’m this worried and anxious about my kitten I can just imagine how I’ll be when my son comes in December lol.