Insomnia, restless legs, miserable!

DancingWithAStranger • My son was born 8/31/18 💙 My greatest blessing 😍

So I guess this is a rant post more than anything but I would just feel better knowing I'm not in this boat alone. I'm 36+6 today and I swear it feels like I'm never gonna sleep again.

In the past week so much crazy shit has happened. First my husband threw his back out at work so he was home all last week barely able to get out of bed. Then we go to my weekly appointment and my BP is 150/101 so they send us to L&D to be monitored. He can barely walk at the time and after 3 hours of monitoring my BP finally went down and we could go home. So I'm stressed because he's hurting and I'm freaking out worried about my son. Its all just terrible timing. Doc prescribes some BP medicine and it seems to be working. So I try to just relax and not worry myself, but every night I can't sleep and my legs twitch constantly and after a week of doing almost everything around the house I'm exhausted in every way possible.

Then we go to my weekly appointment for this week and my f-ing BP is still 135/91 and Doc says he's not thinking I will make it to even 39 weeks. My son was breech at my 30w scan so he went ahead and scheduled a growth scan for this Friday and wants one twice a week until baby is here just to make sure he's okay in there. So I went from having almost a month left to possibly giving birth in almost two weeks. It's my first baby and I'm just freaked the hell out by all of it.

I feel like I have a million things to do, and the clock won't slow down. I feel like I could sleep for days. I'm just not sure how to deal right now. I want my son here but I want him here when he's ready not cause of my stupid BP.

Any tips, suggestions, or experiences welcome. Thanks for listening to me bitch.