4w2d Bleeding!!!

Jasmin • crazy dog mom of 3🐶🐶🐶 01/22/2018 4w3d👼🏼 03/30/2018 4w5d👼🏼

got 2 light positive FRER tests on 08/26 & 08/27; today after peeing i noticed a little bit (maybe quarter sized) amount of red blood as I wiped. I instantly assumed the worst (I’ve had 3 prior miscarriages). Then after putting a pad on and checking 2 hours later, there is next to nothing on the pad and I when I wiped I had what is shown in the first picture. Now again about another 2 hours later I’ve gone to the bathroom and nearly nothing when I wiped (second picture). I am noticing that the blood is mostly brown with a bit of pink/red and mixed with clear, slippery almost ewcm. I haven’t tested since 08/27 as I’m trying not to stress this pregnancy too hard. I also should note that hubby & I bd last night, so that could possibly be a factor too? Also, no cramps, some minor twinges that don’t last long and a dull, more annoying than anything, backache.

I guess I’m meaning to say, did anyone else have anything along these lines around 4 weeks and had a healthy pregnancy?! We want this so bad...