Secretly cleaning up pee from the floor

So, I'm 12dpo today, and was expecting my bbt to drop. So when it didn't, I though "oh my god, let me take a test!!"

So I quickly go to the bathroom, hoping to get everything done before my husband comes up to say goodbye. Well, I use a little cup to be able to dip the test in, and in my excitement, accidentially spilled ALMOST THE ENTIRE THING across the floor

So I dip the test in what's left, put the cup away to hide the evidence, and start furiously unrolling toilet paper onto the mess

I check the time, and try to use a makeup remover wipe to help clean the floor. Put everything away, and open the door just in time to see my husband coming up the stairs

When he finally leaves, I look at the test, and realize that after all's negative