Wasting my time Im sure.Scroll if you're a troll.

Elisabeth • 🌈Waiting on our rainbow. Recurrent pregnancy loss. 4 babies gone.

This group hasnt exactly been supportive and maybe I feel like torturing myself. Who knows 🤷🏻‍♀️ There are some that actually are supportive & in the same situation as me. Im here for them.💕

If you're just going to troll my post by all means keep moving! 🤬Ive been at this way too long at this point to have any tolerance for someone who just wants to pop in and be an ass.

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DPO: 10

I had a chemical last cycle (my positive test was called an indent or evap by the trolls, heads up to some of you theyre bad in here) I got my positive on 11DPO and lost it that night. Worst is I never got my AF just kept testing and watching the line get faint to non-existent. That was rough to say the least. We do reproductive health and motility supplements, I take prenatals, and we started using preseed last cycle. For those curious on preseed, it gave me my first positive since we started trying 2 years+ (autoimmune thyroiditis causes fertility problems for me) I don't blame the chemical preg on preseed at all & we're still using it. If anything its really helped give us the leg up since my body doesn't really produce much CM.