I just wanna be happy

My sons dad is finally coming into our picture after my nine months of being pregnant and a year of our sons life have passed. I hung out with him and we talked about everything for 12 hours and ended up kissing we both thought that everything felt right that night about talked about what it would have been like had everything fell into place like it should have. The following day I messaged him and said “good morning I’m gonna throw the ball in your court one more time I want to be with you if you wanna be with me like we talked about. Your the person I always end up thinking about no matter where I am but in the end it’s up to you because I know where I stand.” He replied that “he’s got a lot going on right now” I told him to take his time as we plan to meet so he can meet his son in a couple weeks. We still continue to message a few to multiple times a day, he went and got a job and he is working to try to better himself. As the time keeps passing by the more anxious I get that it’s not gonna work out and wonder why we even kissed that night. But what would you gals do would you wait around or just say f*** it and co parent together.

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