Juul has turned my life around


I don't post on here a lot but this is worth posting about. I have smoked cigarettes since I was 14 years old. I never had a reason to smoke other than I liked the way the smoke felt when I inhaled it. Because of my bad habit I got into a relationship and my boyfriend wanted to start. I was such a dumbass and didn't want to quit so I let him. We both became addicted later after that and we both wanted to quit but we would lash out on each other if we didn't have a cigarette in over 3 hours. About 2 months ago I kept seeing videos on YouTube about juul and I liked the way they looked and the flavor choices they had. I mean really, what other company has cucumber or creme brulee?! So I ordered a starter pack and smoked all the way up until I received it in the mail. I only bought 1 pin and 1 pack of pods with 4 different flavors in it. As soon as I tried it i loved it even though it was a little scratchy when you start out. I got everything cigarette related out of my life and my boyfriend's life for good. Now , we haven't smoked a cigarette in over a month and a half. It was rough at first but when it's your only source of nicotine, your body gets use to it. Now 1 pod (which is equal to 1 pack of cigs) can last me up the 3 days when I use to smoke little over 1 pack a day! I am so proud of me and my boyfriend and we are now 19 years old and happier than ever! I really really really suggest this alternative to smoking cigarettes! I can't even stand the burning smell of a cig anymore and that's what use to make me crave them. Trust me I'm a lazy ass bitch so I'm being serious when I'm sitting here typing a book talking about how good this damn thing is. I even suggested it to many friends recently and they haven't smoked since they bought one! I can smell and taste 10 times better and I have to say I'm really happy on how it turned my life around.