Gentlemen? Best boyfriend.


So u know in some of those movies and TV shows or animes etc. U get that super guy who's a gentleman even when sexy stuff present itself and you're like pfft yeah as if any guy would give that up? Nah, just me? Oh well, I was taught not to give guys sexy chances unless it prepared for them to take it because 9 out of 10 times they will jump at the opportunity.. well I happened to land a boyfriend who is that gentleman from the movies.

I was having an utterly sh-crap day and I was super pissed and grumpy, nothing in the world could get me to smile. (Pre-period moods, I get mood before and after my period instead of on it, weird I know but still) I was talking to me boyfriend and I was trying to keep it on the down low because he has a lot on his plate today but as usual he's observant and dragged it out of me, I vented a bit and was no longer pissed but still grumpy as hell, he kept trying tho, determined to make me smile. I figured its impossible and wanted him to just leave it instead of going through so much effort to achieve the impossible. Figured best way to reward him for his efforts and get him to drop it would be something sexy that he cant resist.

This man tho.. turned down offer after offer for sensual and sexy stuff from pics to shower to personal strip show because he was insistent on making me smile first and with each offer he gently declined while pouring on the soft mushy affection and/or some humor to cheer me up, needless to say before long he had me smiling and chuckling again. This guy xD I love him to bits!