4 days late (always on time) only BFNs.


Okay, so I’m 4 days late and still getting BFNs. TMI but I have had EWCM for like a week+. My lower back is soo sore. I have had cramps on and off since the 25th (currently the 30th) but they don’t feel like normal period cramps..

I have done everything I know to start my period

✅ 1000 mg vitamin C

✅ took turmeric

✅ hot bath

✅ heating pad

✅ 2 miles on elliptical (I’ve been exercising more lately but I NEVER overdo it because I have Fibromyalgia and overdoing it could cause a flare)

✅ yoga

Yet nothing is working. I don’t understand. I’m not stressed. In fact, I’ve probably been the most relaxed this month than I’ve been in a long time. Any other tips to get my period going? I have endo and my husband and I are going to officially start trying in December. So I’m trying to keep my period as regular as possible so I can make sure I’m ovulating like I should be.

Or anyone who was getting BFN’s when they were, in fact, pregnant? I believe I ovulated on the 14th.

Thank you!

Also - I’m probably just imaging things but do you guys see the faintest line literally ever or nah?