Pcos and thyroid problems suck!


So since I was 13 I've pretty much been on birth control constantly, I'm 28 now. I stopped my birth control for good last September, so it's been a complete year now. I found out around that time last year that I have hashimoto's and last month found out I have pcos. It's been an uphill struggle to stay afloat because the hashimoto's makes me always so tired and there's been so much stress the last couple of years and I can never feel like I'm on top of the mess. I have an amazing boyfriend that makes me so happy and going home to him every day has been the best part of my life. But I want so bad for us to have a baby and I'm getting so tired of this stupid fertility crap. When I first stopped my bc, I didn't have my period for a couple months.. and then the first gyno I was seeing just threw some medroxyprogesterone at me and told me to take it for 10 days every 28 days and it messed me up so bad that I was having a period every 10 days for 4 months and this dr didn't seem to care all that much. So I saw a new ob gyn and she's the one who finally said I have pcos. But I got so hopeful last month because I started taking these fertility blend vitamins and my period was on time for the first time ever in my life. And this month it's back to the same crap.. I'm at 40 days since my last period and I've been cramping for the last 2 weeks and since Monday my breats have been so sensitive that it hurts to even have my shirt touch my nipples. I've taken 3 pregnancy tests and they've all been negative and it just sucks!! I'm so frustrated right now. I want a baby so bad! And some days it just feels like it'll never happen. I just wanted to rant for a moment to you guys because I know you ladies understand this struggle.