I feel awful


I just had a miscarriage. I don’t even know when it actually happened as I’m still bleeding and I still have a little bit of hcg in my system. Im absolutely devastated. You never think it’ll happen to you. It’s an odd and horrible feeling.

I spoke to my husband though, and he agrees with me. This experience has only made my desire to have a baby even stronger. And while I’m still mourning the loss of this baby, I don’t want to wait to start ttc again. Like at all. Like as soon as my bleeding stops.

I need advice though because I’m new to this MC thing. Did anyone get pregnant soon after a MC? I have a doctor appointment in about 3 weeks because I want my progesterone levels checked because I just have a feeling that’s what caused it. Will doctors preform this test on request or look at me like I’m crazy? Idk what to do because I want to ttc again but i can not handle this heartbreak again.