Just really need to vent


So I am 18 wks pregnant with my third and last child. I have basically been doing it all alone because my SO and I have separated after 7 long years. I feel like I have no one. Since the separation he has moved in my mothers house. My relationship with her is now compromised because of him living there and I just feel alone all the time. I now do everything by myself which has created a sense of anxiety for me because I always had my SO with me. My mother thinks that time apart will eventually heal my relationship but he wants nothing to do with me. We do not have any type of communication and when we do he’s always making comments and putting me down. I’m so ready to just move with my children so no one knows where I am because I’m literally going insane. This time around being pregnant has me so emotional and I find myself crying every day. I don’t know what to do anymore.