swollen feet not actually swollen?


sooooo I'm 26 weeks pregnant and usually I heard people get swollen feet from being on their feet all day, I oddly don't. My feet have only gotten swollen twice, the first time was only one foot but yesterday was both so I soaked them in hot and then cold water then kept them elevated for the rest of the night. they actually only get swollen when I'm sitting down at home for a few, not even walking around, is that normal?

also most of the time they aren't swollen but hurt as if they were like to bend my toes and stuff like their stiff but they don't actually get swollen, is that normal? I was told it's different for everyone but I always thought it was suppose to actually be swollen rather than just feel like it is? I don't know if I should be worried if it's just a pregnancy thing, I have a prenatal appointment next week so I'll probably mention it then but this happened to anyone else?