So i had my normal period and then had sex the day after. I know for sure it was on the 24th when i had sex. He did not finish in me but it was close. but I took a plan B NOT EVEN AN HOUR after i had sex (i took it just to be safe) And then i had another period like less than a week after. and it’s been about a month since then and i still haven’t started? idk if the 2nd period replaces the period i’m supposed to have?? I’m just not sure. <a href="">eve</a> says i’m supposed to start today but i have no symptoms and I’m just a little scared. But I just wanna get y’all a opinion on this whole situation?? Am i going to have a period for the month of august or will my next one be in september? I’m just scared because I don’t want to go the whole month with no period!! August is ending soon. But i’ve had no symptoms of a period OR pregnancy