Horrifying experience at doctors office

Today I had an appt to go to the women's clinic at my local hospital for a breast ultrasound because my primary care doctor noticed a lump in left breast during my last physical that she was concerned about. Understandably I was extremely nervous so I asked my husband to come with me for comfort which he did. We have a toddler with autism and a second toddler who is showing red flags but who hasn't been formally diagnosed yet. I called before hand asking how long it would take start to finish and they said 20 mins max so I thought we would be fine to bring the kids too. We get there and they sent us to the wrong department. We waiting there for 45 mins before they realized their mistake and moved us to the woman's center. When I got there the kids were doing great. The waiting room had a kids table with lego which the kids loved and happily played with on the floor. We were the only ones there so the lady behind the counter started asking questions about the kids and autism came up and her demeanor totally changed. She told us we had to move out of the empty waiting room to make room for the OTHER PATIENTS even though the place was empty. As I'm packing up some people arrive so I try to pack faster. As I'm doing this a lady comes thundering out from behind the desk and tells me to "pick up after my damn kids" (who are 3 and 1 btw, she startled them when she yelled at me so they started to cry). I told her I was going to once I packed all our things and she told me it wasn't fast enough and to pick up first then move my stuff, which I did and brushed off her rudeness. 5 minutes later the same woman comes thundering over to us again and YELLS at me for the second time in front of about 8 other people that I can't sit WHERE THEY TOLD US TO SIT because it's too close to her desk and she doesn't want me to hear other patients medical info. I told her she put us there and there were now no other seats available and she told me to take the kids and stand in the hallway and they would call me when the radiographer was ready for me. And to keep my kids in my arms so they don't run around and "bother people". After TWO HOURS of standing in the hallway with the kids and my husband and watching people who got there WAY after me go in before me they finally called my name. I told my husband I wouldn't be long and he lovingly told me he'd be right here when I was done. When I got out it turns out the woman had told my husband TO LEAVE because he was no longer with me and couldn't be there and so my husband had to take our two kids his phone and MY PHONE with him and go. As I was leaving the woman told me to double check I had cleaned up after my children and then walked back to her desk. I left in tears. I had to ask a stranger to use their phone to find my husband since he had mine with him. On top of worrying and waiting for results I'm also so broken about how my family and I were treated for doing absolutely nothing. How would you handle this? Am I wrong to be upset? Should I complain?