The struggle is real to NOT get pregnant

Brittany • Married💍 1 amazing little girl 7-9-19🤱🏽

So scared to “get pregnant” because I don’t want to hinder any future plans of the <a href="">IVF</a> process.. but also can’t start my birth control until after my cycle day 3 blood work... my dilemma... going on day 37 without my period.... we are of course using condoms AND pulling out.... and clearly abstinence is going to be the only 100% effective precaution... but how do you go 37 days without sex with your husband? Any hints or tips? 3 Doctors now have told us it’s “abnormal” how easily and quickly we conceive... Had last shot of methotrexate July 15th, so I knew my cycle would be a little wack but gee whiz