Not getting along with husband


Just need to vent: I dont know what is going on with my husband. He has been so moody in the last few weeks. We have been bumping heads. I know I am not the easiests to deal with but we hadnt been fighting in a long time. We have been getting along and I cant even think of the last time we had fought. We havent fought really.. Just disagree and he gives me attitude. I pray for him alot and I pray for our marriage. Yesterday, he told me he was feeling depressed.. And since I know how that feels I suggested going for a walk or getting out of our routine. He said no. I asked what I could do to help and he said nothing. I am trying to just give him space and time but it makes me really sad to be like this with him. I just feel lile he hates me. We havent even had sex since last week.. I was hoping we would ttc but now I am double thinking it because I dont want to have a baby if I feel lile he hates me (not tbat he wants to anyway). I guess I just feel defeated and hopeless.. And just overall full of sorrow. All I can do is keep praying for him. Any thoughts or opinions?