Anyone feel like their body wasn't built for this?


Ok well I'm 33 weeks and change pregnant and I just don't feel like I was built for this. I see some women that just pop babies out no problem with no complications during their pregnancies. They were built for this, I'm not. First of all I'm an automatic c section due to a pelvic nerve disorder. When I got diagnosed last year, the specialist told me I was going to have a tough pregnancy due to all the stretching of the nerves that goes on. He wasn't kidding. My pain started getting progressively worse around 4 months pregnant. Now at 33 weeks my pelvis is constantly burning and aching. I also have a sharp stabbing pain every time I take a step with my right foot. My back also hurts along with rib pain because I'm a pretty petite girl. Anyone else having a lot of trouble? I know the last few months are not supposed to be comfortable but I thought for most women that doesn't start until 36 weeks. I can't believe I have to endure 5 more weeks of this. Sorry for the vent.