Need encouragement😔


I like him so much and I would do anything to be with him. He's the first guy that has literally made me so happy since my ex dumped me and I can actually see myself being with him but I know he's not as serious about me😔 I dont know if I should drop him or give it more time or what bc he says he cares about me so much and he wants to be with me and Im his and hes mine...Im confused😔

Update: i just wanted to add a little background. Weve been talking for close to two months and we have hung out twice... both times was staying the night together. I understand he is super busy with his new job and getting ready for basic training but I feel like if he liked me he would make time to take me on an actual date. Especially bc tonight he posted on his snap story "anybody wanna go to the movies after i get off work".. like what? Why didnt he ask me? He is constantly ignoring me, he never answers my phone calls, and he never says anything about going on a date. And as far as compliments. Im not trying to be whatever but he never compliments me... like ever. The first time he has ever said anything positive about me was when i got my hair dyed red and he said "i got me a bad bitch😩". Idk what to do. Like i said. I really really like him and he makes me happy when we are hanging out but I just feel like he doesnt feel the same completely.