I have trust issues

Okay so to put this simply I have trust issues from an abusive relationship in my past.

My boyfriend got a Snapchat from someone with a 😘 in their name. I only caught a glimpse of the name I didn’t see anything other than that and he tends to tilt his screen away from me when he’s talking to people.

So me with my trust issues and everything. I got into his phone to see what the name was (the emojis were 😈💋🙈😘) and I entered the username into my Snapchat to see if that is just how they had it set up. It’s not. And now I don’t know what to do.

He had been talking about moving in together and he’s met some of my family and most of my friends. We’ve only been together for 2 almost 3 months. And lately he hasn’t been too affectionate towards me.

I don’t want to believe that he is cheating but my mind won’t push it aside. What should I do 😭