Does your mom do this?

Ok so I'm a new parent, currently 8-9 weeks and I'll be talking about things I wont do when it comes to my baby and things I prefer to do with the labor or generally anything to do with MY child. I was reading a post today and it got me thinking. Is it normal for your parents to try to over rule or change your mind about almost everything baby related, for example. I was explaining that I will not be put on my back when I'm in labor due to the complications it can cause and because it just isnt the natural position and I would prefer to walk around and when labor is coming be on all fours or in a squatting position, my mom argued tooth and nail about why I wouldnt do this or why by the end I'll just lay down etc. It happens almost daily and it's really starting to lead me to believe its just a lack of respect for my becoming a parent. Is this a normal thing?

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