Happy Birthday baby Beckham !


I was scheduled for induction so we got to the hospital at 6, they got us in a room immediately.

They had started pitocin at 630 and broke my water. I developed decent contractions at about 730, but they came fast and strong. I decided to get an epidural, between 845 and when the anesthesiologist had my epidural in at 950 I had HORRIBLE contractions that came fast and weren’t slowing down.

The instant relief was amazing, even though I got sick after the epidural kicked in. The nurse checked me at 1015 for the first time since being admitted and I was I was 6.5cm! Definitely caught me by surprise, but figured we still had 3ish hours to go.

She came back with a peanut ball and to insert a catheter at 11 and we were shocked that I was 9.5cm!!

We had to wait about 30 min for baby to come down and the doctor to get ready to come catch. All during this time my epidural was heaven and still working diligently! (Which had not been the case in my previous deliveries).

Doctors got ready and in three contractions, 9 pushes total, I had my sweet baby boy. He was 8lbs and 14oz, 21.5 inches long!

This was an amazing experience for our fourth and final birth! After hearing so many horror stories ( and having two horrible ones of my own to add) I was nervous to be induced again. But when you have amazing staff that cares and a merciful God, it’s never too late to have a beautiful birth.

Wishing good luck to all you beautiful mommas!