Nicu baby prayers needed *update*


I had my baby boy at 132 this afternoon after a very long 18 hours of labor. He is 6lbs 14 oz but had difficulty breathing. Come to find out he had a pin size hole in his left lung and lots of fluid in both lungs. He needed to be admitted to the nicu. After being on 100% oxygen for 8 hours they did another X-ray . Dr said the hole is much smaller, almost gone. Almost all the fluid is gone but that will still take some time. We have one more X-ray at 5 am and if all looks good we will take him off oxygen and I can try to feed him and hold him. I haven't held him for longer than 30 seconds so I'm looking forward to it! Dr said he may not have to be in the nicu for much longer. I hope tomorrow brings good news.

Aside from all that I am super crampy and my vagina and butt hurt/burn and are SO swollen. My nurse made me feel like shit for asking for one last dose of pain killers before going to bed. I’m not one to abuse drugs as my mom has health issues and I’ve seen hat pain killers can do but I am in so much pain and I can’t hardly sleep. Now I feel like a bad mom for wanting some relief.😔

Anyway please pray for my son, I’d really appreciate it!


Our little guy is a trooper! The hole in his lung resolved in less than 24 hours. However, he did not do well when taken off oxygen so they’re going to slowly taper off it to make it easier on him. Once that’s done if he can eat and show he can gain weight he will be able to come him. Please continue to pray and thank you all for your love and support!