Putting a pause on TTC is the best thing I have ever done!

Nat ✨ • Mama to an angel baby 👼🏽. Engaged to my lover of 5 years.

My partner and I have been together for 5 and a half years. I’m 21, he’s 23.

3 years ago we decided, its time to add a baby! We thought we were soo ready! 8 months went by...nothing. A year, and I was pregnant! Yay! We were overjoyed...but sadly, 2 weeks after finding out we were having a baby, i miscarried. We were completely broken.. we stopped for a few months but then decided it was time to try again.

So after another year of trying.. absolutely nothing. We went to the drs and got checked out - turns out I have PCOS. I was devastated but was determined to get pregnant! It was all that was on my mind. I would obsess over it. My fiancé and I weren’t having sex to be intimate, or too have fun. It was just to try and get pregnant.

We have no relationship. We both weren’t happy. I was miserable, he was miserable. We did nothing together spent no quality time.

At the start of this year I had enough! I didn’t want to lose my soul mate so I sat him down and said “we aren’t ready, emotionally, mentally and physical. We are just not ready to be parents yet. I love you and I don’t want to lose the only man I have loved”.

He agreed, we sat and cried for ages.

We are now bettering ourselves. We are losing weight, have just come back from a 14 day cruise, are going to Scotland in 4 short months! where both our families are from. And next year, we are eloping and then are going to travel Australia (where we are from)

I am still mourning the baby we lost, but I am so happy! We are happier than we have ever been.

The journey of TTC, has made us stronger than we have ever been before. We

appreciate and respect each other.

I am glad that I was able to find out that I have PCOS. We can now work on this so when it’s time to try for a baby, I’ll be ready!

We are both absolutely loving living this life without a worry or stress on our mind!

And when it’s time to have a baby, we will be ready!!