Is something wrong with me? 💦💦


So a lil back story.

I’m currently 22, I lost my virginity at 17 and was in a relationship with the same guy for 4 years until Nov. of 2017. Let me tell y’all, when we had sex I got sooooo wet, the bed was soaked and my walls stayed tight (which eventually stopped🤷🏽‍♀️)

Since we’ve broken up I’ve had sex with 4 guys. Don’t judge (2 of them were relationships) but the problem is I don’t get wet like he made me and my walls never tighten back up. And I understand you have to get turned on to get wet and 3 of those guys I wasn’t really into much. But the last one, I really like him and it turns me on just thinking about him and the sex is AMAZING. So what could be going on? Is there anyway to fix this? And the problem with my walls I’m more than sure it could be from rough sex cause none of these men are that big to mess up my insides. How could I fix that?

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