FTM! I don’t know what to do!!😭


I went to my doctor on Wednesday. I told him about my symptoms(I’ll list symptoms down below) that I was having and he told me if they get worse to just skip calling and go to the women’s center. He seemed a little concerned and wanted me back again next week.


Headaches. Sometimes goes away with Tylenol. They don’t hurt really bad but enough to where they’re annoying as hell. And every once in a while I’ll see little spots like lights. Doc told me to take Benadryl with the Tylenol and to let him know if it helps or not. Really all it helps is to make me sleep.

Nausea and some vomiting. Headaches make the nausea worse.

Some swelling of hands and feet.

These are all the symptoms I told him about on Wednesday.

So I was taking a shower and I just started feeling sicker and sicker. More nauseous. I was already nauseous with a headache but the nausea got so much worse. I finished up and got out. I was in there for maybe 5 minutes. I sat down on my toilet for a little because I felt shaky like I was gonna pass out. I got up to get dressed and lost my balance and fell to the floor. I was seeing little spots again and so I called my SO in to help me to the living room. I felt so unsteady like I was gonna pass out. My little man is moving just fine.

I’m the kind of person that always feels like I might be over exaggerating and avoid doctors as much as possible. So I’m not sure if I need to go in or call. I’m 34 weeks pregnant if that makes a difference.

EDIT: BP is normal and doctor told me that I’ve had protein in my urine off and on throughout my entire pregnancy.