My boyfriend is cheating on me


Im with this guy since 9 months and im really in love with him.

Everything was nice and perfect. But one month ago, he added a new girl on Insta and since then he started to send tons of snaps, didnt see me as much as we are used to, send me weird text message to explain that i put his phone on silent, didnt text me on friday evening anymore and started to say that our relationship isnt smooth.I’ve already asked him if he’s cheating on me and all i had as answer was “My time and energy is spent on you and I’m getting fed up of being questioned otherwise “.

Im so sick and i just want to know the truth.

He’s always saying that he loves me...but i have this gut feeling.

So, im wondering if i should send an email to this girl?

Please, i need to know what to do. I love him so much and i really want to know the truth.