Need advice

Rachel • 💜👼🏼 02-05-16

I will start with a little back story. Two and a half years ago I was blessed with my little girl who was born too soon. She was preterm at 26 weeks and 5 days and lived on this beautiful earth for 17 full wonderful minutes. I had some major medical issues and blood loss and ended up have to have my right side Fallopian tube and ovary removes. To included I had left her father due to a very toxic relationship.

Let’s fast forward to the present. I knew my husband since we were kids and have been best friends for years. When I lost my daughter he was my biggest shoulder to cry on. We ended up being together and found out we were pregnant and I ended up

Miss carrying at 11 weeks due to some health issues and low iron. We than got married and have been trying for close to a year. My OB is a great family friend as well and has been seeing me monthly since last November. My periods are semi regular and I have not had my period yet this month but am hoping it doesn’t come. If it chooses to come my Husband, OB, and I have discussed that we will be doing Clomid. I am very nervous and hoping for everything to go well if you have any suggestions than please feel free to let me in! To help with the nerves! Thank you for reading and hanging in there!!