My husband loves pets especially dogs I have never been much of a pet person. We got one dog when we first got together and he’s so we’ll behaved and trained he’s the only one I ever bonded with until my husband thought it would be a good idea to get him company. Now we have two more dogs they aren’t even puppies anymore and honestly I can’t stand them. They pee in the house and I just don’t bond with them I never wanted to have this many pets and I’m pregnant and I hate them more. I’m about to have a baby I just want to get rid of them give them to someone who will actually love them and appreciate them. Don’t get me wrong I take care of them because I feel like I have to but I resent them because of it. It’s one thing that makes me upset with my husband but he will never get rid of them. It kinda makes me my child is allergic so we have no choice. I’m about to break down. I’m tired it’s too much responsibility and I feel like I do most of the taking care of these dogs he’s not gonna like it but I am so close to bringing this to his attention because I’m so over it. I feel like it’s selfish to me.

Update: I would never harm the dogs and they are well fed and well taken care of I personally just don’t do anything outside of taking care of their needs like play with them etc. my husband does all that. Also we were together way before the dogs I didn’t come into his life with him already having pets I’m just saying I’m pregnant and tired and never really wanted to have animals. I’m also not saying that I would just get rid of them of course if it came to giving them away I would make sure they went to someone who wants to be a dog owner and who actually likes having animals. I’m just not one of those people and I don’t think there is anything wrong with feeling this way.