I need advice over my husbands sisters I absolutely hate!

So a year ago me and my husbands 2 sisters got into it. They never liked me because I wasn’t “hispanic” and I guess they said “white girls and Americans are lazy and don’t know how to cook” lol which was funny to me but whatever’s..

They would always make slick comments and I would say NOTHING because I didn’t want any problems, there was a time I needed a brush and I lost mines so my husband grabbed a brush in the bathroom (MIND YOU I HAVE NO IDEA IT WAS HIS SISTERS) so I overheard her saying “if she uses it again I’m going to fuck her up and grab all her shit” I think of it now and why did I not say anything? I felt dumb anyways let’s skip thru... my son was getting baptized this one day and on our way there I was getting frustrated because my man wanted to do all these errands when we were already late to his baptism , and I got mad and told him something that it’s gonna be his fault if we don’t get him baptized because he was making us late.. anyways sister #1 told me that i was acting up and I’m “lucky” that nobody called CPS on me and that’s when I flipped! Because I wasn’t acting up, she got mad because I walked away and wanted to vent to my dad on the phone, so she said that, and grabbed my phone OUT OF MY HANDS and told my dad I’m lying. Which got me super mad she took MY OWN PHONE out of my hands . Then that happened

One day she grabbed my son and I told her she isn’t allowed to grab him since she made that comment and she needs to apologize for, so I had my husband grab my son to avoid drama between me and her, and she said “why can’t I hold my nephew? Because that stupid white bitch said to get him?” And that’s when I went crazy & told her something. Than a month later I went to their dads car shop and I told the 2 sisters that i want to fix what needs to be fixed and they weren’t trying to; they ended up BOTH grabbing me out the car and jumping me in FRONT of my son. So I got a restraining order on them , a year passed I ended up clearing the air with sister #1 so I TRIED to clear up the air with sister #2 and she started talking her shit making a joke that she jumped me in front of my son & she said she doesn’t want my husband, me or my son (which is HER NEPHEW) in her life & she doesn’t care because my son doesn’t pay her bills mind you, he is just 2 years old. Smh. And now I have to see her tomorrow because it’s their dads birthday and their doing a get together ..

I honestly don’t know what to do or what my husband should do, he defended me the entire time and had my back when they jumped me, he was completely pushing them off of me and was protecting me to the fullest, he even cut them off but now sister #2 feels that she can still disrespect me but be cool with her brother, I feel im not over exaggerating, I don’t want her in none of our lives, and idk if I’m right or if I’m wrong? But I know if she says something smart tomorrow It’s gonna take a lot for me to not pop her in the mouth 🤦🏻‍♀️ what do you guys think I should do as well as my husband? I’m so stuck. I really have Hatred for this girl