My mom thoughts

today I told my mom I’m going out I have to do my nails & then me and my bf are gonna chill & she said don’t spend money on your bf , boys are supposed to spend on you. To me it’s a weird mentality because a relationship goes both ways . My mom doesn’t work so her husband takes care of her she’s so used to being taken care of she wants me to be that way. My bf always buys me stuff but us splitting a bill or me buying him stuff for a change won’t hurt. My bf will rather starve then ask me to buy him a meal because of the way my mom thinks. Does anyone else think like this I really don’t get it or agree . If both of you are working then both of you should be taking care of each other . me & my bf are 19

my bf spends all the time & he does pay most of the time but me myself I dont feel independent when he does which is why sometimes I rather split or show him I can take care of things to. Ik he can provide for me I just want him to see that I can also do the same for myself or for him if anything was to happen