So my SO and I have been together for about 3.5 yrs. I’ve been ready to marry him for what feels like forever! He’s my person.

He recently got laid off from work, but is still getting unemployment and helps around the house.

We were doing a lot of talking about marriage before he got laid off. Now, I’ve been doing the talking. He gave me a promise ring when we were together for 11 months & I told him to use that to propose. I also told him I don’t need some glamorous, extravagant way of proposing...I just want him to ask the question so we can begin our lives as fiancés. & then married couple.

My question long did it take y’all to get engaged? Did you feel some type of way about seeing other couples get engaged who haven’t been together as long? Why do you think he hasn’t proposed (I’ve removed every possible excuse he has to not propose)?

Am I asking too much? I’m just really confused.