BFP stories!


How did you find out or know you were pregnant?

My hubby and I went on vacation for a family wedding at the end of April and I was feeling super sick the whole week, but I thought nothing of it. I just thought I ate some bad pizza or something.

We return home and I felt better...come time to go to work...

Monday, felt great, normal day as usual. Tuesday, I'm vomiting my guts out, sniffles, body aches. Wednesday, stayed home in bed. Dizzy spells, vomiting, sniffles, thought I was gonna die.

Thursday, felt well enough to buy myself a subway sandwich. (This is where I got mad) I had them hook me up a good turkey sandwich with all the veggies, chips and a drink ($7.98). Not even 2 minutes after finishing my food. I threw up that $7.98.

After cussing like a sailor for losing my lunch and $7.98 that I could have just saved, my hubby bought me a pregnancy test and went to smoke his cigarette.

After a year and a half of trying, we finally got our positive. Funny thing is, I told my mom before telling him lol, but he didn't mind, he was happy.

I'm eager to hear your stories. Congrats and good luck to all, especially the first time mom's like me.