Leftover hcg or new pregnancy maybe??

Sarah • Hailey Jean 11/1/19💗🌈 God is good 🙌🏻

I’ve been testing post mmc to watch my levels drop. I’ve also been getting bloodwork. Last bloodwork was 11 days ago and it was at 13. I decided to switch to frer as my cheapies were faulty. I took the first last night and the next this am. The test from this am was darker, but I’m wondering if it’s just because the first was with diluted urine and this am was fmu. I’m hoping this is new 🤞🏻. In my head, it should be fainter if my levels were still decreasing. I’m going to call my dr as she wanted me to get bloodwork done this week anyway. Also, if my levels were less than 13 I feel like I wouldn’t have gotten such a clear positive (even though faint). But idk. I’ve been nauseous the past couple days along with very sore boobs. Please God let this be my rainbow 🌈🤞🏻🙏💓 the shadow in my bathroom is bad but the lines are pink in person. Top test is last night bottom is this am. Who knows it could still be leftover. I’m going to test again tomorrow am.