How soon after your m/c did you ovulate?

Abby • Mommy to an angel 💜 8-28-2018 and 🌈 Rainbow baby 🌸 11/03/19

I got my blood work results back today. My HCG is back down to zero, so yay (I guess). However, yesterday and today I’ve been having twingy pains in the area of my left ovary (I only have one due to PCOS) that feel similar to ovulation twinges. I realize that it is likely too soon for it to be ovulation, but here is the thing: when we found out about the pregnancy, we had just finished a round of Letrozole to produce follicles. Could those follicles finally be releasing due to the hcg being gone? I realize it’s a long shot, and I’m probably being too hopeful, but ya never know. Also, my cervical position is similar to what it normally is when I ovulate, but that could also be from the m/c I guess.

Any advice is welcome. I plan on taking an OPK when I get home from work.