Baby Girls are here!

Jessica • My name is Jessica, I am 27 years old. I have PCOS, My sweet husband and I have been blessed after 5 years TTC and many doctors, we have our rainbow twin girls. After 2 years we are ready to try for more❤️

So Friday 9/7 I went in for my OB appt and was told my BP had gone down (yay!) I went over to the hospital at 9am to have my weekly NST and Bio physical ultrasound done. They did both exams and told me Baby A didnt pass she got 4/8 so they called my dr around 11:30am. He said he was going to think about what he wanted to do. 12pm came around and the nurse came in saying were going to the OR. I of course started balling, I was 34w2d and was so worried for the twins. My Dr could tell I was a complete mess so he came in and said we can wait until 4:30pm and monitor the girls. 4:30 came and they were right on schedule, they took me back to the OR and at 5:04pm baby Adelyn was born weighing 3lbs3oz. At 5:04pm baby Karalynne was born weighing 4lbs2oz. I was terrified as neither of them cried or made any sound. They closed me up and took me to recovery were I waited and hour and a half before they wheeled me in to see my girls. They are both doing well. Both girls are off oxygen, have had their IVs removed, have had the billy lights turned off and are working on gaining weight. Both babies have been losing so here's to praying they continue to do so well and that they will start gaining some weight! 😍