I found THIS while my husband was at work


Hey ladies I need some advice! I was just cleaning up my daughter's books and toys in the living room and I noticed that there were some books under that table and went and pulled them out and THIS CAME OUT WITH IT

I have never seen this before and it's open! I called my husband while he was at work and he starts laughing at me, saying that he bought it for us to use together as a surprise but its open and used! So i asked him why about that and he says he used it by himself. I was away for a month in California and left him here on his own for that whole time. Am I supposed to believe him? Or should I assume that he's lying? There is a history of him cheating on me in the past, and I know I look so stupid right now but God I don't know what to do! I'm pregnant with our second child and I have nowhere else to go.