BAD reaction to test?

Mary • CP 12/20/17 MC 1/23/18 ALEYNA 11/18/18

Any of you ladies feel extremely sick after drinking the glucose drink for the 1 hour test? I don’t mean that you didn’t like the flavor or thought the drink was nasty. I mean physically felt ill? Half way through the 10 ounces I started to feel kind of high and dizzy. Then I was having cold sweats, shortness of breath and nausea. Thank God they let me lay down in one of the rooms for the hour. I spent the hour sweating and panting trying real hard not to throw up. Theres no way I would of been able to sit and wait in the waiting room. I also starting having extreme cramping. Even on the car ride home and throughout the day I was cramping so badly. Did anyone have a similar reaction and then proceed to fail the 3 hour test? Unfortunately, I failed the one hour with a 150 and I’m going in for the 3 hour tomorrow morning. I’m dreading it because I was sooooooo miserable for the 1 hour.