Might have to move to live with my godmom !

Hi all! This morning my mom got into an argument or whatever , she claims I always have an attitude when I don’t . This morning she asked me to help her hook up her sub woofer that she brought online from amazon. She asked me around 9 , she knew I had to be to work at 11. It takes me time to get there especially since I take public transportation. She said that I’m evil when I’m completely not. She said curse words to me today. She said “YOU CAN LEAVE, your 19 turning 20 next month , you don’t have to live here anymore, I’m tired of you and your nasty attitudes” and then she said that if I were to leave that I would be living on the street and that’s definitely not true because I will be staying with my godmom and my godmom even said that I could stay with her if I needed to. But the problem is that I would have to quit college and maybe start again where my godmom lives and then I would have to quit my job and find one where she lives! What should I do y’all? Has your mom ever done this to you? I’m just tired of my mom doing this to me. And I’ve Told her that I didn’t want to do college anymore in the past and she was like “oh well your not quitting” and in my head I’m like I can quit if I want . I can easily withdraw. I can’t ever talk to her about anything without her getting mad at me.