I am trying to stay calm. Sorry kinda long

We moved from big city of pittsburgh pa to a small town called Berlin.. population of just over 2000.. im trying to get used to the well water.. and weird smells the closet has, atleast i think they do... im so sensitive to smells lately. Im 23 weeks pregnant.. i went from a full time job and working since i was 13 to being a stay at home mom. My car didn't make the trip so we are down to one car which he takes to work. And he works 2 to 10. Not that I have anywhere to go.. i am adjusting well, but I'm at the part where i just dont feel pretty. I have nothing to wear ... my make up doesn't even help. Now my husband tells me everyday im beautiful.. i just dont feel it..any ways.. i get out the shower and sit on my side of the bed on the edge.. and the bed broke.. like the wood split.. now i feel even better about myself.. I know its because the bedroom floor is super uneven and where the middle of the bed is and the frame is where the floor dips and my husband has been meaning to fix the issue.. but damn... come on.. sorry i needed to vent. I try not to vent to my husband because he does so much and he always feels like its his fault if im unhappy or sad.. any ways.. thanks for listening. And I'm not unhappy or sad..